The Giv Box Featured On ABC4

Say Hello to my new company, The Giv Box. I was featured on ABC4 Good Things Utah for opening up my own company! Share my mission…and help me change the world.

Start To Giv

Start To Giv

Jen Clyde is a stylist and creator of the Giv Box, a subscription jelwery box that brings you cute and stylish trends every month. Each Giv Box is designed in collaboration with artisans from around the world to bring you stylish, on trend jewelry and instantly connect you to an inspiring story of doing good.

By subscribing, you are allowing artisans from all over the world to have a sustainable business as they create and produce the product inside your box. Jen has created long lasting relationships with these artisans so they’re able to create and continue their businesses and we can help make a difference in their communities.

We all look for ways to Give back in our lives, or to somehow connect to something that will add a little extra layer of goodness in our lives. We seek it,  but most of us don’t know where to we just don’t. That’s where The Giv box was born, to provide an easy way for you to shop on trend accessories and create impact around the world all in one click.

Meet The Founder:

The Giv box was created by me, Jen Clyde, a single mama of 4 kids and a true #Girlboss who has been a Creative Director & Fashion Entrepreneur for the past 17 years. My story is a little different than the average, for the past 7 years I have been traveling the world designing and creating unique products with Artisans from Nepal, Mexico, Peru, just to name a few. I have met so many amazing souls who are in need of opportunity just like we have here in the U.S. but don’t have a way to get the chance to work or go to school like us. In Oct. of last year my company shut down unexpectedly. I was in shock, and the first thing in mind was, “how do we tell all our Artisans?” I looked around my office saw the pics on my walls of my 4 kids, scared to death, thought….Jen you need to keep this mission alive, start your own business. I have been the fashion industry for so long, it’s my expertise, along with business start ups, so i knew I couldn’t deny the impact we had been creating over the past 7 years for others around the world. The empowerment that comes from providing a way for Artisans to get their crafts into the mainstream market, it’s so empowering and inspired me greatly. Giving these women and men a way to find confidence through job creation and teaching them how to run their own sustainable businesses alongside the product development process already in place. They are looking for more than just money. They are looking for opportunity to learn what to do with that money and how to use it in efficient ways to make a long lasting happy life with in these communities. I couldn’t deny the need, standing in front of me married with my expertise in fashion. So that’s where the GivBox was born.

A Connection:

An Artisan group featuring their country, culture, behind the making, and how you’re empowering them which in return connects you to the good you’re creating by purchasing and wearing the Giv Box.

Handmade On Trend Accessories:

You pay $39.99/monthly for $75 or more value worth of accessories. All shipped for FREE each month. Can I Cancel Or Skip Anytime?

Yes! We make it easy to Givback, all while remembering you have unexpected matters that come up. You can skip any month, and or cancel the box anytime. No contracts here.

VIP Access:

You get some serious perks by being a Giver each month. Unlock private shopping collections that were designed just for you to match your GivBox specifically for that month. Style videos by expert stylist Jen Clyde. @jenstyles each month to teach you tips and tricks on how to wear and share. Podcasts that will uplift, inspire, and teach you on the impact you’re creating. Plus much more to come.

Community Of Inspiring Givers:

Join A like minded stylish community that are all about connecting their lives to social good. Connecting with others who want to make a impact is like learning your favorite store just launched a lifetime of Free shipping. Basically happiness is created on our FB community pages and ambassador groups.

A Chance To Become A Brand Ambassador:

Wear the jewelry, love the mission, earn %10 of each sale you make as a brand ambassador. You’re going to wear the jewelry you might as well make some money right? Together we can create something beautiful. Sign up to make a change @

Can I Shop Without A Subscription?

Yes of course! We have many stylish products that still provide give back in some way on our e-commerce store You don't get all the perks that come with an subscription like discounted products, free shipping, unique design collections, and much more, but you will create some good each time you shop our website, and for that….we thank you for helping impact others.

So now….go subscribe and join me in helping others, looking good, and adding some layer of happiness into your life. Thanks for loving me everyone! big hugs.

Watch the show here!

Live w/ Jen

Live w/ Jen