Hey you! 

Thanks for stopping by my lifestyle blog. I am excited to get to know all of you! I have been a Fashion Blogger in my prior life, well back in 2009-2012, but gave it all up to start a new company called Color By Amber. It's a Direct Sales Jewelry Company. It was something new, and a challenge, and that made me excited. To read more about my love for start up companies please check out my "hey strangers" post. Ok, back to the point.. me. I was born and raised in Southern California. I moved to Utah a few years later after I became a mother at age 19. I wanted to be closer to my family. A few years later while raising kids, I became a designer of my own clothing line, opened two retail store fronts, a fashion blog, a online retail store, and a full fashion styling and wardrobe company. I decided to sell them all, when I took a risk and joined Color By Amber as their head of  Sales. I fell in love with the companies mission, which is all about wearing and selling cool products that will help empower women from all around the world. 

After years of intense time and energy in growing this company from 0 sellers, to over 3,000 sellers, I found that I missed having a outlet to teach, inspire, collab, share, and grow with others like you through my blog.

I am now Head of Product and Design for Color By Amber. I am a single mom of 4 kids and they are my life, smile, and soul. I am an entrepreneur who loves to build fun experiences in each adventure I take. This is me: 

 Lover of new adventures

Lover of travel

I laugh more at myself than I do others.

I forgive fast.

I fight for something I believe in, and I don't ever give up.

I like to make mistakes faster than anyone so I can learn faster than anyone.

I love research, and development

I have 1,000 ideas a minute

I love motivation speeches, they call me "jony" at work. (tony robbins married with jen= jony).

I believe teamwork is better than alone work.

I love to sing and play my guitar and uke in my free time. I basically think I will become a singer star in my mid 40s (a girl can dream). 

I am a bit crazy (in a good way)

I am a creator 

I love to meet new people 

I love fashion and style

I run my own Fashion Design and product development departments. 

I am speaker 

and I am NOT shy 

Basically that's a to learn more about my crazy personality, follow me on all my social media stories. Oh! and I like to hug....that should do it.