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The Cover Fall 2018

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Design Development

From Morocco 

Me in action with Said & Frederic my dear friends who helped me learn about designing in Morocco for 2 weeks. 

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Meet Mera 

She is one of the Artisans in Morocco who painted the Cover Catalog collection (cover). The gold highlighted artwork which is hand painted onto the red and orange pallet is the perfect combo for Fall 2018. The reason why I choose to design with her means her and the other Artisans get to have opportunity to do business and create daily in a safe haven. I love supporting them through design, and now a new friendship. 


Paint Studio 

In Morocco where Mera paints your jewelry. 


Designing with Mera

To be able to create jewelry with such amazing women who inspired me, was a dream come true as a designer. 

Peek into my Morocco Design Board


Pakastan Collection 

The Artisans who embroider all the interlayers in this collection really brought the perfect highlight to this beautiful combo of elegant colors for Fall. It was  inspired by a more classic green and golds mixture and this is one of my fave color pallets for the holiday season. Peacock feathers mixed with Golds and purples have such a rich tone and plays so well with the peacock feathers that I put in the resin as well to compliment this beautiful Pakistan Collection. 


Some of my Fall inspo

I love this color pallet. There was something that was so freeing about it. I know these Artisans love to create, and it frees them from many troubles to be able to do something that they love. This image was in my mind as I designed for Pakastan. 



Making the beautiful embroidery inside this collection.  

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A collection that is a burst of  a classic weave that Artisans make on a foot loom from up to 6 months time.  So yes, a long time to develop, but it's so worth it! This helps them run a business for their families and help support their way of life. I am so excited to design with this beautiful weave and for all of us to celebrate such beauty and help honor a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. This weave is taught when they are young, and carried through to current time and is still so beautiful and relevant. Kept it in a neutral weave with a splash of red thread throughout to add a little fun to a wearable classic pallet for all of you to enjoy in this Mexico collection. 


Design Inspo

Me in Mexico with Artisans. Love this floor and colors that I love to call a "classic Mexico vibe."



Artisans in Peru, that call each other "mama", so of course we named the interlayer thick weave mama. These women are all so supportive of each other and are quite strong. They don't even stop weaving even when they are hauling hay, the kids to school, or cooking. They literally always have a spinning tool for their threads getting it ready to weave into beauty. I love the textures that remind me of all the colors that come from their mountains. Their weaves are so thick because it's so cold up their Cusco, Peru mountains. They hand dye everything in their weaves from their natural elements. 


Meet the Mama 

This is where she brought all her weaves from her home to show us that day, she's so amazing! Her weave looks so amazing in our jewelry. Look at those colors. Meet one of the Ambassadors, Candice who helps sell the jewelry. She's one of the top sellers! She is making a difference in this Mama's life, and in her own by being a part of impacting the world. If you want to travel the world with me contact me. 

Peru Inspirational board



This weave is one of my most favorite interlayers I have ever gotten to work with. The dried raffia weave is something that has such a fun classic funk to it. Artisans from Madagascar work with this dried element to make magic out of bland. This color pallet of black, nautral, and a pop of blue, literally makes my heart sing. 

IMG_4945 (2).jpg

Madagascar Artisan

Creating the Checkers Weave. 

Sharing some of my Inspo Board photos I used to design...check them out. 

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Meet My Favorite Earring 

Of the entire Catalog, they're a must in your jewelry collection! The Island Earring, shop them here. 

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Yep, you heard me right. We all go through so much in our lives, I know, you're not alone. This is why I wanted to design something that could not only provide some inspiration and color to your wardrobe for Fall, but also some little hidden Affirmations on your jewelry to help provide you with a little bit more hope in your day. I went through some hard times in the past 5 years, where I had to dig deep, and then deeper, and I thought... how much deeper can I dig? Right? Raise your hand if you have been there before. Yeah, me too! Our jewelry is better worn, with a story. A connection. That is what I wanted to provide you with the Affirmation collection. The words you will read are pulled straight from the pages of my personal journal. Yes, I shared some deep thoughts that helped me get out of the holes that I had, or thought I had in my life. Turns out....these words were little gems that created a smile on my face daily, and I hope they can create one on your face each time you wear a part of the Affirmation collection. 

BK3A6294 2-Edit-2.jpg

Recycle It 

That's right, everything inside is old, and now it's got a new look! That's right from old fishnets from Morocco that fisherman can't use anymore, to newspaper ripped up, and yep, old clothing. That's right, being in the fashion industry for so long, I know that it's so important to not throw away clothing because it fills to much of our landfills. Now you can make an impact and wear something that helps our future generation. Wait, one last one....recycled stamps. That's right now your new collection, will be the Stamped just never know what piece you will get and that's half the fun!! Now you can do good for the planet with these fun up-cycle wraps collection. 



Get ready to wear some of the sweetest arm candy sets you have ever laid eyes on. Each bracelet set has something tasty inside. What's inside? Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Chocolate, and Spices. So when someone says, what is that perfect gift? Yep, send them to the tasty collection, because every girl has to get her hands on these sets. Trust me you will come back for more. 

BK3A5289-Edit (1).jpg

Amala Travel Collection

Artisan made in India, and ready to help you get through all your travels around the world. Passport wallet, to a luggae acessory so you never mix up your bags again. 


Thanks for checking out my new Fall Collection 2018. I loved Styling this shoot with all my amazing co workers and team. They basically are everything to me when I am designing and designing. Thanks to all of them, and to all of you for visiting this blog, and hopefully you can find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle. Each of my designs tells a story, and that is the best jewelry to wear, a storyful one. (yes,I made that word up and I like it.) Until next season, you can buy all these lovely pieces and more online at

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