Who Says You're Not Worth It?

Trust me, you are!

So many things in my life have lead me to this dead end of darkness and I start questioning my worth. Yep! I experience too! I finally said ENOUGH! I am not going to allow myself to get stuck in this! My good friends have reminded me each day when I needed to hear it most, "Jen you are amazing, you deserve to smile today." This has made me decide to put my passion for fashion and design on hold for this post, and get real because I love the friends who "get real with me" and lately I have wondered, am I worth it? Which sometimes you really don't get to see when I am posting style pics on my instagram, or me on TV, or anything else I do, but you do get to see some fun style, and that big smile I do. I am that way most of the time, but I want you to know I am not always that way. I do have bad days, where I struggle to get up and get going and I don't want to go into the office! Yes it's true! This is where my friends and Family remind me to look at things different, to see my worth and keep going! I am so thankful for them in my life. They show me how to get back on track with myself when I fall off the happy track for a minute. This is what they always remind me of when I think I need to fix my the way I acting or living. They remind me where my happiness is real and can be found each time I am hurting:   





Right now I know that some of us just don't feel like pressing forward because we may not think we are worth it. Maybe something in our life has happened, that made us question our judgment on who we are and what our worth is? Maybe we made the wrong judgement call on a situation. Maybe that good friend in our lives, betrayed us, or a boyfriend or even a husband or wife? Either way, I want to be the person to tell you, that you are good enough to fight for your own peace and happiness. You may not feel it right now. You may be to afraid to reach out to anyone around you. But I am here to say, you need to surround yourself with people who will give you a smile. Who you can trust to be in your life to love and support your every desire to become who you were destined to be. I have so people in my life that support me, and will be my side through each mile stone but then there are some who just won't be. Who have shown me that they can't be there for anyone else, and guess what? That's so fine. Still love them with all my heart! You can still fight for yourself and that smile of yours, but you need to first admit that it's going to take yourself to say, "hey I need help." and that's ok. Be ok with that. I call my friends when I need help with my own mind. Being a single mom of 4 kids, I have found myself just forgetting about my own worth, and that's not good for them. Dear Single Mommies, let's reach out together for support. We need to talk. We need to recognize our pain or stress with each other so we can start a strong community of empowering each other. When we empower ourselves, we empower our children, our friends, and most of all ourselves.

Fighting for your worth, is saying, "hey I need help", and that is ok. Be ok with it. Find a friend, a family member you can call on. That will push pause with you for a minute, and help you fight for what's best for you in your life so you don't keep feeling the way you are currently. 

Here you will find an image that reminds me of my worth. Reminds me that I can do anything I want in my life, right along side with the people I love most. Here I am doing what I believe is what I am suppose to be doing. Designing, Buying, and developing relationship with people around the world, to help empower them, and many of us through connections and products we buy currently. 

So when you are feeling down and not worth it, sit down, write down your passions, what you love, what you want to become, and call a friend or family member who can remind you that, heck yeah, you are worth it!! You were born to do amazing things! 

This is me on a buying trip in Morocco, designing and learning to love new people and myself a bit more. Do want to come next time? Email me at jens.style.e@gmail.com to get on my 2019 shopping in Morocco adventure list. It will change your life. Remember you are worth it! Find what you are destined to do in life and then go do it. 


Shopping in Morocco. 

Shopping in Morocco.