The Classic White Tee

Meet my #1 obsession: The Classic White Tee 

Meet my number 1 addiction. The White Tee. Let's just say when I met my X husband, the first thing he asked after we moved into together....."How many white t-shirts can a one person own?" I looked at him confused, and said "hundreds!"  

Why the Great White Tees are my #1

  • Work: Pencil skirt/White Tee/Statement necklace to add some shine to your professional look. 
  • Lunch date: Skinny Jeans/White Tee/ Black leather/Boots or heels
  • Date Night: White Tee/Necklace (dress it up)/ Red lips/ Hair down/ Tight black jeggings...Boom! 
  • Everyday: White Tee....well with anything and everything. Need to garden.....don't wear the accessories. Want to go out last min....throw on accessories and some red lips, you're ready to go in 15. 


ANALOGY ALERT: Basically a white tee is like a pair of tweezers, they have many reasons to be a benefit to all and take away pain, but also add so much beauty. (Catch more of my random analogy's on my instagram highlight stories)