Dear Working Moms...

You're Doing Great, So Celebrate!

Has anyone heard of the word guilt? LOL....yes, yes, I know. It's something that all moms deal with, on a daily basis. Each day for the past 15 years, I have have I failed them? All the times I have been late to football practice or dance, I thought how is this harming them. Then one day it dawned on me.....HELLO're not failing anyone...but yourself! Because you keep saying you are this "type" of mom...but really? Ummmm I am not! A good mentor once asked me, "Can your kids do their own laundry?" I said "yep!" "Can they cook their own food on the stove top and oven?" I repeated "yep!" She than said "then why are you so dang hard on yourself?" I thought about it, and yes.....ok....some of my kids other friends don't do that. So why do I think I am failing them because they are doing the things they needed to learn anyways. So even though it may be a bit early, It's a life skill that any parent would want them to know how to do. Live! 

So to all you mom's out there that work. You're doing so dang good!! You're amazing!! You're giving them enough love, and quite frankly you are a great example of hard work, and dedication! I know that it's important to love yourself through these hard times and let guilt go at the waist side. 

Now here is a fun idea, bring them to your work events. Create the balance for yourself, because no one else will. Ask your boss if they can come along to more fun events with you, like this one! Here is a great example of a event I planned for work, and brought lillee along too. She had a blast and everyone loved to meet her. She still can't stop talking about it so try to combine and allow yourself to have more fun and bring your kids along. Oh, and remember you're your kids Rock Star, don't forget it. 

The Hall Of Breakfast in SLC, UTAH. Must go, now check it out! 

Lillee and Me 

Lillee and Me 

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